Gutter Pro Faq

How many colors are available?
There are 12 colors to choose from and they all carry a 20 year warranty on the finish.

What if my roof is not a conventional shingle?
The Water Management System by GutterProUSA can be customized to fit any home. Our in home technician will advise you on the best installation procedure for your home.

Can Birds and other small animals get into my gutters?
No, customized end caps are installed at the ends of the Gutter Pro USA™ product to prevent Birds and pest access to yout gutters. The only thing getting into your gutters will be the water being directed away from your home.

What about snow and ice?
GutterProUSA's patented ProBracket System can handle up to 190 lbs of direct pressure. With the patented ProBracket System, Your gutters are much stronger than conventional gutters since the ProBracket System is installed every 24" along your gutter.

How thick is Gutter Pro USA’s™ aluminum?
Gutter Pro USA™ uses and .027 gauge aluminum, which is the thickest Aluminum Cover on the market. You can rest assured the ProCover on the GutterProUSA Water Management System is strong enough to stand up against anything creating a load such as winds, ice, snow, etc.

How does it work?
Gutter Pro USA™ uses the science of Liquid Adhesion.

Do I need to replace my existing gutters to install Gutter Pro?
No, The Gutter Pro USA™ system was designed to install over existing gutters which is obviously more cost effective for you the home owner.

How much rain can Gutter Pro USA™ handle?
The GutterProUSA Water Management System can handle as much as 24" of rain water per hour. The highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in the US has never exceeded 12" per hour, therefore you are covered with the patented GutterProUSA Water Management System.

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